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18 Tourist Places in Kodaikanal 2024:

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18 Tourist Places in Kodaikanal 2024:

18 Tourist Places in Kodaikanal 2024:

  Apr 27, 2024     Tour & Travels

List of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 2024

Now, let’s delve into the list of places to visit in Kodaikanal in 2024 with your friends and family to enjoy the trip, along with detailed information about each place, from location to how to reach and timings, Places to stay, Nearby attractions, google reviews and rating

1. Kodaikanal Lake, Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Lake, Kodaikanal

The centrepiece of Kodaikanal, Kodai Lake is often the first point of interest that vacationers visit on their trip to the hill station. The stunning manmade water body engulfed by undisturbed greenery is one of the most picturesque sights you will find in all of Tamil Nadu. But its natural beauty isn’t the only thing that draws the hordes of tourists.

This place is also one of the major hubs of activity because of all the indulgent experiences you can have here. One of the most preferred things to do here is boating. Yes, you can rent a boat and sail on the placid waters of the lake. The magnificent scenery around will fill you with a new life. Or, you can simply enjoy a stroll around the gorgeous lake taking in some awe-inspiring vistas.

2. Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

Just east of the serene Kodaikanal Lake is an equally captivating site called Bryant Park – a botanical garden which gives you a chance to behold the majesty of nature in all its glory. This 20.5-acre site was built more than 100 years ago by a British officer by the name, H. D. Bryant, after whom it is named. Besides manicured flower beds, the park is also marked with old structures that make it worth a visit.

The best time to visit Bryant Park is the month of May when a flower show is organised here and the entire area gets encapsulated in various colours. You can check the event dates for the year online and book your hotel in Kodaikanal, accordingly. Located in the heart of the city, it, along with Kodaikanal Lake, is one of the first places to visit in Kodaikanal on a 1-day trip.

3. Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal

Although several waterfalls are located within a short drive of Kodaikanal, Silver Cascade Falls is often the first one from the list that tourists choose to visit during their holiday. It is the majesty of this picture-perfect landform which coaxes them to do so. The white water plummeting over the many steps of this over 50-metre tall waterfall appears more like milk than water. It’s also a somewhat silvery hue and perhaps that’s why it has been named Silver Cascade.

Located a few kilometres before Kodaikanal on the way to the hill station from Madurai, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Kodaikanal. The months of July and August are when the monsoon rains feed Silver Cascade and you get to capture the best of this already enchanting waterfall. Whatever you do, do not forget to click a few cool, Insta-worthy snaps against its backdrop.

4. Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal

Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal

If there’s one word that perfectly describes Pillar Rocks, it is “mystical.” The spot derives its name from the three 120-metre-tall boulders. This place is not only famed for the three giant pillars but is also one of the best viewpoints you will find in Kodaikanal and its surrounding areas. On a good day, you can even witness clouds forming just below the tip of the boulders. Needless to say, it is one of the most bewitching sights you ever get to see.

5. Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

A short walk from the centre of the hill station is Bear Shola Falls which is another exquisite waterfall in the area. The landform is named so because it used to be a favourite haunt for bears of the surrounding Shola forests, frequenting it to quench their thirst. But you do not have to worry about wild creatures. The only matter of concern for you is how you are going to include so many wondrous and amazing points of interest in Kodaikanal on your 2-day or 3-day trip to the hill station. Again, it is one of the best photography spots you will find in Kodaikanal.

6. Coaker’s Walk, Kodaikanal

Coaker’s Walk, Kodaikanal

Coaker’s Walk | Best Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal has been nicknamed “the Princess of Hill Stations” and a visit to Coaker’s Walk will tell you why. This approximately 1 km long walkway built on the slopes of a mountain is thronged for the astonishing vistas of the surrounding landscape. A stroll along while breathing in the crisp montane air and feasting your eyes on excellent sights will make you forget all the hustles and bustles of life. Another great way to explore the place is to rent a bike and go for a ride.

7. Pine Forest, Kodaikanal

Pine Forest Kodaikanal | Timings, Entry ...

Pine Forests are a result of the efforts of Mr. H.D. Bryant, who had started the pine plantations to grow the timber. The plantation was done in the year of 1906. The sight of pine trees standing majestically, welcoming you to their world is nothing less than nature’s wonder. The entire Pine forest appears grey with dried cones and leaves. This forest is surrounded by vegetation of mushrooms, often called magic mushrooms, which are said to be hallucinogenic.

8. Vattakanal Waterfalls, Kodaikanal

About Vattakanal Falls, Kodaikanal ...

Vattakanal waterfalls in Kodaikanal are a nature lover’s paradise, tucked away in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. It’s a perfect spot for a tranquil retreat, where you can unwind and connect with nature. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters and embark on trekking trails that lead to stunning viewpoints. Vattakanal waterfalls, one of the most amazing places to visit in Kodaikanal are best enjoyed during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak.

9. La Saleth Matha Church, Kodaikanal

La Saleth Church, Kodaikanal - Mass ...

The La Saleth Matha Church in Kodaikanal is a sacred place that offers solace and peace to visitors. The stunning stained glass windows and the intricate woodwork add the charm. Immerse yourself in the soothing spiritual hymns and the gentle glow of the candles.

10. Mannavanur Lake, Kodaikanal

nature at Mannavanur Lake - Tripoto

Mannavanur Lake in Kodaikanal is a serene and picturesque spot that feels like a slice of paradise. The shimmering waters are surrounded by lush greenery, creating an amazing atmosphere that’s perfect for a peaceful escape. You can relax by the lake and take a stroll along the banks for a rejuvenating experience. You can also indulge in a bit of birdwatching, as the area is home to a variety of bird species. 

11. Chettiar Park, Kodaikanal

Chettiar Park, Kodaikanal | Ticket Price | Timings | Address: TripHobo

Chettiar Park is famous for its lush greenery, blooming flowers, and scenic views. The park is surrounded by towering trees and colourful blossoms, creating a picturesque setting. Children can enjoy the playground area, while adults can relax on the benches and soak in the beauty of nature. The park also features a small lake where you can go boating and enjoy the cool breeze.

12. Guna Cave or Devil’s Kitchen, Kodaikanal

Guna Cave or Devil’s Kitchen, Kodaikanal

Located between the humungous Pillar Rocks is another renowned tourist attraction in Kodaikanal known as Guna Caves or Devil’s Kitchen. The place only lured a handful of hikers until it was popularized by the movie named “Guna” which was shot here in the early 1990s, giving the place its name. Today, the caves remain one of the most sought-after places to visit in Kodaikanal, drawing people in large numbers. However, you can only view the caves from a distance as they remain closed due to security reasons.


13. Moir Point, Kodaikanal

Moir Point, Kodaikanal

If the idea behind your journey to Kodaikanal is to behold magnificent sceneries, then Moir Point is another spot not to miss. It is named after Sir Thomas Moir who laid the foundation of Goschen Road in the late 1920s. Be warned already that the place can be a little crowded during the peak travel season as every tourist in town wants to marvel at the beautiful scenery visible from here. Apart from photography, which is a go-to here, you can also indulge in other activities such as a game of golf.

14. Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal

Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal

The place gets its name from its appearance which is quite similar to the nose of a dolphin; jutting out from a mountain and offering bird’s-eye views of the marvellous landscape below. It lies about 6 km from the centre of Kodaikanal. The journey to the attraction is a treat in itself as one gets to hike through the pristine scenery. It is one of those places that you can’t get enough of. Mist acting as a veil adds to the splendour of the sight.

15. Thalaiyar Falls, Kodaikanal

Thalaiyar Falls, Kodaikanal

Now, this one is a bucket list-worthy point of interest as the almost 300-metre or 1,000-foot-tall Thalaiyar Falls is counted as one of the highest waterfalls in India. It is also referred to as Rat Tail Falls as that is what the narrow silver stream of water plummeting appears to be. However, it’s not easy to reach the landform. One has to navigate the rugged terrain of the surroundings of Kodaikanal for kilometres before one can lay their eyes on its beauty. Dum Dum Rock is a scenic viewpoint near the waterfall that you wouldn’t want to miss if you plan to visit Thalaiyar Falls.

17. Kurinji Andavar Temple, Kodaikanal

Kurinji Andavar Temple

Devoted to Lord Muruga who is also referred to as the ‘God of Hill’, Kurinji Andavar Temple or Kurinji Temple is the centre of spirituality in Kodaikanal. The temple gets its name from the kurinji flowers that blossom on the hillsides nearby every 12 years. If you are planning your visit to Kodaikanal during May, then be sure to attend the vibrant festival that is organised at the temple during this time. If not for the spiritual or cultural significance of the place, throng it to admire the traditional South Indian architecture in which the structure has been built.

18. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: 125 years of gazing at the brightest star in  the earth's sky

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is a peculiar tourist hotspot in Kodaikanal that you do not usually expect to see at a hill station. You are going to love this place in case you are intrigued and amazed by our universe and astronomy. The place keeps an eye on the behaviour of the sun. Though it is a governmental facility, it is also a tourist spot giving visitors a chance to see the secrets of the solar system that we thrive in.

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